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Did you know that certain smoothing products on the market today contain formaldehyde or glyoxal, substances that are harmful to health?

K-Respect by MILK.SHAKE demonstrates, via analysis certificates, that it does not contain glyoxal or formaldehyde.
Do you want to protect your health and eliminate frizz, respecting current legislation, health, and the environment?


K-RESPECT is a treatment that: improves the condition of the hair, Reduces volume and eliminates frizz for a long time, gives shine & makes hair easy to manage at home, with results lasting for up to 3-5 months.


For most of you the answer is YES! K-Respect is tailored to suit every client and their hair type with 4 options to choose from to obtain your ultimate look your stylist will be able to advise with the realistic outcome and how to care for you hair at home to get the most out of your keratin treatment.


Perfectly Straight Silky Hair 

ideal if you want straight hair, improves the condition of the hair, makes hair easy to manage at home & lasts 3 to 5 months.


ideal if you want to eliminate volume and frizz, improves the condition of the hair, gives shine, makes hair easy to manage at home &lasts 3 to 5 months.

Perfect Curls

ideal if you love curls and just want to keep them in check, eliminates frizz, improves the condition of the hair, gives shine & lasts approx. 3 months.

Regeneration Service

 ideal if you love the natural shape of your hair, eliminates frizz, gives body, lasts approx. 4 weeks this can be added on to your blow-dry appointment please ask when booking.


Firstly hair is cleansed using the Preparing shampoo to remove all build up on the hair and open the cuticle-conditioner is not applied. Hair is then rough dried off and the method chosen by your stylist will be applied- at this point you will be left enjoy a refreshment and magazine whilst you process for around 15-30 minutes. After this time your hair will be dried and styled (with the treatment left in). you will then be left to 'rest' for 15 minutes, at this time we will talk you through aftercare and the best way ton maintain your hair. We then re-wash and now condition your hair using the smoothing shampoo and conditioner, your hair is then gently styled into its new position. The whole process depending on length and thickness is around 2-3 hours.

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