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At samLangley hair we use Schwarzkopf Professional as our chosen colour brand

Concentrating on colour services, you & your stylist have an in-depth consultation to ensure that your colour is exactly what you had in mind.

Whether you’re looking for classic elegance, a celebrity inspired style or a new look, our colour technicians have the knowledge to get your hair into the best condition and colour possible, using the latest colour innovations and products.

At samLangley Hair we offer a range of colour services, including the following:

*all colour services require a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment

What is a Hair Tint?

A hair tint changes the colour of your hair permanently. Whether that be your roots, a select section of your hair or the whole head of hair. Hair tints will not wash out over time, however they will fade-so there is a general upkeep to maintain.

What are Hair Tints Best For?

A tint is best for those wanting to cover up grey roots – everyone’s hair grows at different rates, therefore a tint is a great way to cover up those hairs creeping through without constantly putting dye on to your whole hair.

How Often Will I Need Touch-Ups?

Based on the speed your hair grows will depend on how often you need touch-ups. If your hair is slow-growing, you may only need touch-ups every 6 weeks, whereas those with quick growth may need their greys doing 4 weekly.



What are Highlights?

Highlights are sections and strands of your hair that are dyed a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour; this is done to brighten the overall colour of your hair, and add softness and dimension to your hair. This allows your hair to frame your face more, and also create a little more excitement to your hair colour without damaging or dying your whole head of hair.

How are Highlights Applied?

The most commonly used technique colourists use is Foils. These are suitable for all hair types, however your hair colourist will discuss with you which technique they’ll use based on your hair style and length..

Foils are used for a variety of hair colouring treatments. A full head of foils is used for a refreshed look all over, we recommend a half head as an interim between your full heads, whereas a T-Section of foils is used for more subtlety, and a parting is usually added to create a 'holiday look'.

How Often Will I Need Highlights?

Depending on the style you’re going for, you can normally have highlights added to your hair and leave them for several months – as with half a head of highlights, you’ll only be looking at having half of your hair coloured, therefore there will be less regrowth, and less need for constant maintenance.

With a full head of foils, you’re looking at more regular maintenance, as your natural colour will begin showing (depending on how fast your hair grows), so you’ll need touch ups every now and again. 


What is Creative Colour?

Creative colour involves exploring different hair trends and when you feel like drastically changing your look This can include things such as balayage, pastels, fun colour toners and fashion trends. all utilising different hair techniques.

How is Creative Colour Applied?

When consulting with your colourist on the colour you want to turn, they will be able to recommend the right course of action to transitioning your hair colour with minimal compromise to your hair’s condition –sometimes this is not always possible in one sitting and may involve multiple visits to the salon.

How Often Will I Need To Get My Hair Done?

Ensuring your hair remains in a positive condition will be at the top of our priority list, as if you’re transitioning from a completely new colour, your hair will require ongoing care. Your stylist will provide you with an aftercare routine, using some of our favourite post-colour care products.

take a look at our pricelist to find out more about these services

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